Custom Thermoplastic Sheet

At Sekisui SPI, we specialize in custom thermoplastic sheet extrusion – offering Alextra, ABS, ABSPC, TPO, as well as specialty products – but plastic sheet is only the beginning of what we do. We strive to be more than a supplier. That means making sure jobs run smoothly and avoid costly delays. When you partner with Sekisui SPI, we do what it takes to make you a more profitable thermoformer, from reliable communication and consistent service to thorough follow-up and timely delivery.

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Moving Plastic Forward

With fuel prices soaring and competition heating up, your parts and products need to be lighter and stronger all while achieving aesthetic standards like never before. Sekisui SPI specializes in using plastic in dynamic new ways – replacing materials such as metal, wood, and fiberglass allowing you to make parts that are lighter, stronger, and better looking.

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